Top 10 solar companies in India: solar companies in India

Top 10 solar companies in India

Top 10 solar companies in India-in this article I will show every one help to this topic Top 10 solar companies in India Loom Solar manufactures solar cells, modules, and panels. As a leader in the solar industry for over 25 years, they offer solar solutions at different price points to meet customer needs.

Here you can see the List of Top 10 solar companies in India

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List of  Top 10 solar companies in India

  1. Loom Solar
  6. SWELECT Energy Systems Limited

Top 10 solar companies in India

With the increasing expenses of power and decrease in costs of Solar PV Panels in addition to the public authority, strategy help has made purchasing a Solar PV framework has become extremely worthwhile in many pieces of India. Gigantic interest has been seen in purchasing Solar PV boards. Be that as it may, there is still an absence of mindfulness among general individuals about the innovation in question, the brand names, and the costs related to the items among the shoppers all through the country.

Bijli Bachao is one such drive that gives tips on the most proficient method to save money on our power charges and look into energy effectiveness. Bijli Bachao has made a few pages (joins) on their site to make mindfulness about the most recent and present-day advances, in continuation of the common proficient energy the executives. The following is the rundown of the top ten sunlight-powered charger brands accessible in India. Kindly note that the Solar Panels accessible in India involves both Indian just as International brands. A portion of the top brands made in India is very equivalent in quality to the worldwide brand names.

Sunlight-powered chargers were introduced in the nation of different producers.

India is one of the quickest developing economies on the planet. The Indian sun-oriented and environmentally friendly power areas have popularized quickly. Today, there are over 100 sun-oriented organizations in India. The wide scope of items accessible for mechanical, business, and private applications implies the Indian environmentally friendly power area has been blasting.

While a few sun-oriented organizations in India give moderate sun-based options in contrast to customary energy, there are just ten organizations that stick out. Here is the rundown of the best 10 sun-based organizations in India by income.

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Top 10 solar companies in India

List of  Top 10 solar companies in India

1-Loom Solar

Loom Solar is one of the largest solar companies in India. They are located in Bangalore, India and the owners are Radhakrishna Karamurthy, Roshan Karamurthy, Rajeev Prabhu, and Isha Prabhu.
Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd. is a mon perc sun-powered chargers and AC Module producer based out of Faridabad, Haryana having an assembling limit of 100 MW. The organization that began in 2018 has become one of the quickest developing sunlight-powered charger makers in India as a result of the wide scope of sun-powered chargers from 10 watts to 450 watts very high productivity boards.

Piece of the pie – 20% in Residential Rooftop

Income – 100 Cr.

Loom Solar has the most stretched out scope of items in sunlight based on the Indian market which no other sun-based organization at this point is advertising. Loom Solar ® has won the lofty gold and silver honor in the eleventh Annual 2019 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards in the United States of America.


VIKRAM SOLAR LIMITED is an emerging solar company from India with a production capacity of 50MW. It has already completed 35MW worth of projects in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. The company has been awarded various awards, such as the ‘Top Solar PV Company in India’ by the Renewable Energy World Awards in 2013.


WAAREE ENERGIES LTD is an Indian company that provides solar solutions for homes, buildings, and even cities. They are the only company in India that has successfully tested a new design that can track the sun to its most efficient position.


Renewsys is a new solar company in India that provides solar solutions for homes, government, and enterprises. They also offer the latest solar technology like inverters, battery storage, and installation services.

5-SWELECT Energy Systems Limited

In India, SWELECT is a pioneer in supplying solar solutions to industries and commercial establishments. It manufactures high-quality solar modules and develops energy storage systems for commercial, rural and agricultural applications.

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Tata Power Solar is one of India’s most robust solar energy developers. They offer a wide variety of services including design, engineering, procurement, construction, installation, monitoring, and commissioning.

Top 10 solar companies in India


Set up in 1992, Emmvee sun-oriented water warming frameworks have become the biggest producer of sun-based water warming frameworks in India and likely in Asia.

It holds the biggest portion of the overall industry in circulating its items under the brand name ‘Solarizer’. Its is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 guaranteed organization.

Emmvee sun oriented is one of the pioneers of the sun-powered industry in India, with more than 25 years of involvement. We have set up a list creation office for sun-oriented water warming frameworks at Dabaspet in Karnataka. These units have a consolidated creation space of more than 25 thousand square meters.

Our units are fit for creating water tanks going from 100 liters up to 3,000 liters reasonable for private and modern purposes. We are one of the not many producers to have obtained the Solar Key Mark for our top-notch scope of water warming frameworks. We have sold more than 5,50,000 sun-oriented warming frameworks mounting more than 6,90,000 m2 in establishment regions.


Twenty years old organization that ensures long-term execution for its Solar boards. Advanced by technocrats with many years of specialized skill and business experience Advanced assembling office in Hyderabad reinforced by a solid R&D group.

Joined in 1995 humble with an unassuming strength of 5 representatives and a 25 lakh seed capital. Acquired testament of value IEC 61215 Ed 2 from European Solar Test Installation, Ispra, Italy, TUV Intercept, Germany, ISO 9001-2008 from TUV SUD Germany and ISO 14001:2004 from BMQR.

An eminent Star Export House with a presence in 15 nations across Europe, Africa, and Asia. Accomplished 100% development rate since 5 years while gathering National Awards for Excellence in Performance, Entrepreneurship, and Exports.

This company is a global solar energy development firm headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. With a focus on solar energy, the company generates power by implementing large-scale solar projects as well as rooftop solar solutions.


Adani Solar is the Solar PV assembling and EPC arm of Adani Group, one of India’s biggest business aggregates with Resources. Coordination, Energy, Agri, and subordinate businesses.

Adani Solar is India’s first and biggest in an upward direction incorporated sun-powered organization that offers items alongside administrations across the range of photovoltaics producing. The Company’s presence in the sunlight-based assembling area adds to India’s environmental objectives and supports its vision of accepting a better energy blend.

Undertakings more than 250 MW charged

More than 400 MW under execution

Quickest developing housetop and circulated sun-based EPC Company.

The state-of-the-art innovation, with machines and types of gear sourced from the top tier providers, intends to help in cost initiative, size of activities, and dependability norms according to worldwide benchmarks. Adani Solar is currently extending to 3.5 GW of yearly creation limit, making it in the top 15 worldwide sun-oriented makers.

India’s biggest Solar PV cell and modules producer with a limit of 1.5 GW at Mundra, Gujarat in India.


North India’s Largest Solar PV Manufacturing Facility. Saatvik produces and markets top caliber, high productivity sun-oriented photovoltaic modules from its high-level assembling office at Ambala, in the province of Haryana.

With a yearly limit of 500 MW, drawing in the best accessible advancements, for example, Lead computerization, Jinchen, the organization offers a wide scope of sunlight-based PV modules comprehensive of Polycrystalline, monocrystalline, glass-glass, and bifacial modules viz. 40Wp to 380Wp.

These sun-based modules are appropriate for private, business, and modern off framework/lattice tied applications.

These are the best 10 daylight-based associations in India. As India heads towards the accompanying down-to-earth energy objective, we can look to these associations to drive forward the harmless to the ecosystem power region to some other time. The Indian Government’s obligation to feasible force and the sensible, ensure supported advancement given by these sun-based associations will move India to a seriously encouraging future time.

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