Mann ki Baat: Modi apologizes to the public.Janta curfew

Mann ki Baat: Modi apologizes to the public.Janta curfew

Mann ki Baat: Modi apologizes to the public. Janta curfew The fight for life-death from Corona; Apologies for trouble caused by lockdown, increase social distancing

Amidst the lockdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday met his country in his radio program Mann Ki Baat. This was the 63rd edition of the program. The Prime Minister said- I usually bring many topics in mind.

Today the Corona crisis is discussed worldwide. In such a situation, it would not be appropriate to do other things. Some decisions have to be taken that have caused trouble for the poor. I apologize to all the people. I understand all your troubles, but there was no choice but the fight against Corona.

Nobody likes to do this, but I want to keep your family safe. So again I apologize. On March 24, Modi announced a lockdown across the country for 21 days (14 April) in his address to the country. On March 22, there was a public curfew across the country on Modi’s appeal, but people were seen on the streets in many places in the evening. More than a thousand cases of coronavirus have been reported across the country.

8 most important things of Modi Cayman

1. Show patience, follow lockdown

The Prime Minister said that it has been said here that measures should be taken before the disease. Corona is adamant on destroying humans. So all people have to unite and resolve to follow the lockdown. One has to show patience in lockdown. Some people do not understand corona severity. But I say do not live in this misunderstanding, many countries are ruined. There are many warriors who are making invaluable contributions in the fight against Corona.

Mann ki Baat: Modi apologizes to the public.Janta curfew

2. Fighters share their stories

I also got inspired by talking to Corona Fighters. Ram Kumar, recovering from Corona, said that I work in an IT company. I went to Dubai in the last few days, after returning from there infection was detected. I felt very strange at the hospital for a few days. The doctors and nurses gave me the assurance to be fine by talking 2 to 3 a day. I was in Quarantine when the family came to know. Now I live in my separate room throughout the day. Modi told Ram to create audio of his experience and put it on the internet so that people can take inspiration.

3. Agra elder tells the story

73-year-old Ashok Kapoor said- My two sons went to Italy from work. When he came back, he had some problems. He went to RML Hospital in Delhi, where the test positive came. After this, our 6 other people also got positive in Safdarjung Hospital. We were taken by ambulance from Agra to Delhi. My family and I did not have any problems in the hospital. The behavior of the doctor and nurse was very good. We are grateful to the hospital staff. Glad I spoke to you. We are all healthy. Modi said- Ask people in Agra to follow the rules. Offer food to the hungry. We respect your courage and understanding.

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4. Prime Minister also talked to some doctors

Dr. Nitesh from Delhi said that we are engaged in serving the people in army mode. You are providing the essential things. We explain to patients not to panic. It will heal in 14-15 days. After that when the test report comes negative then you can go home. We encourage our team to treat patients better and safeguard themselves. Modi said- the experience of the world shows that the infection of this disease suddenly increases. We have to make constant efforts to ensure that this situation does not occur in India.

5. 16 patients from Pune hospital recover and go home

A doctor from Pune told that 16 infected people had come to our hospital, out of which 7 we have been cured and discharged. The remaining 9 are undergoing treatment. Checking and counseling them daily. His condition will also be cured in 4-5 days. Quarantine them home if any suspects are found. Wash hands frequently at home to avoid infection. We tell people to stay indoors for 14 days and stay quarantined. We believe it will win the battle. Modi said- Friends, we have to bring the advice of doctors and their words in life. Acharya Charak has said that he who works for the spirit of the patient, not for money and any special wish, is the best doctor.

6. Give thanks to the people who are helping people

With the help of doctors, nurses and other colleagues like you, we are able to fight the war against Corona. We have made a provision of a health cover of 50 lakhs for these people. Niranjan of Bengaluru has written that such people are the real heroes of daily life. Today, think of the drivers running your grocery store, who take the risk and also serve the people. Banking employees are also engaged in continuous work. We should also thank the e-commerce staff for delivery to home.

7. Increase social distancing, decrease emotional distancing

Some such things have come to know that people are mistreating the home quarantine people. this is wrong. We have to quarantine to stop the virus but do not cut off from society. Some days of social distancing have to be done. We have to maintain our relationship with them. Today is the time to rejuvenate relationships. I say increase social distancing, decrease emotional distancing.

8. Help people trapped in the crisis

Some people have asked how I live in Navratri. I told you to stay in homes but look into your own mind. We have to follow the Lakshman Rekha. I am not a fitness trainer, but I have benefited from some yoga rugs. So during a lockdown, you can also do these. During the lockdown, if we come to know that a poor is hungry or in crisis, we will help him first. We have to break all the walls to save the country today. You stay home, stay safe, we have to win this battle. I wish you all the best.

‘Transition cycle must break’

On March 24, Modi stated, “To spare India, this 21-day lockdown is significant. This will be stricter than the public curfew and in a way it is curfew. Forget what happens to come out, forget it for 21 days. If not 21 days, your country and your family will go back 21 years. Social distancing is essential to combat Corona. We must break the cycle of transition. Corona can be avoided only when the Lakshman Rekha of the house is nangalhi. “

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So far 30 deaths in the country from Corona / 8th death in Maharashtra, 45-year-old killed in Buldhana; This is the first death out of Mumbai in the state

infection death in the state. Telangana also had its first death on the same day due to infection.

So far, 28 deaths in the country, 23 of these, beyond the age of 50,

the decision to buy 10 thousand new ventilators on

Thursday had killed 7 infected people in different states of the country. Two of them were in Bhilwara, Rajasthan only. Meanwhile, Health Ministry spokesman Love Agarwal had said on Friday, “To overcome the shortage of ventilators, it has been decided to buy 10,000 new ventilators. Also, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), a government undertaking, has been asked to produce 30,000 ventilators.

LIVE in Corona Country / 1050 cases so far: Center directs to states – Workers get their salary on time, strict action should be taken if someone asks them to vacate the house.

There have been 1050 cases of coronavirus across the country. 21 infected have been found on Sunday. Of these, 7 patients have been found in Maharashtra, 5 in Jammu and Kashmir, 4 in Uttar Pradesh, 3 in Gujarat and 2 in Rajasthan. The number of those who died due to infection has risen to 30.

Mann ki Baat: Modi apologizes to the public.Janta curfew

 Maharashtra had the highest number of 8 deaths. Of these, 7 deaths have occurred in Mumbai and 1 death in Buldhana. According to the website the total number of infected people in the country. At present, the number of infected people in government figures is 979.

 It is being told that 86 of these have been cured, while 25 have died. Meanwhile, the central government has instructed the states to take strict action against those who ask students and laborers to vacate the house. Daily wages should be paid on time so that they stay where they are. States have been asked to strictly prohibit the movement of people in cities.

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Lockdown: Make phone calls Vegetables and fruits will be found at home

Spice Jet Officer Found Infected

Spice Jet Officer has been found infected. His report came on 28 March. He did not operate any international flights in March this year. He last took a flight from Chennai to Delhi on 21 March. After this he quarantined himself. Now, as a precaution, the entire staff and crew members who came in direct contact with them have been advised to be self quarantined for 14 days.

Halls of 13 states

Madhya Pradesh; Total infected- 39: 5 new cases were reported in the state on Saturday night. 4 patients were found in Indore and one in Ujjain. The four patients found infected in Indore are male and their ages are 48 years, 40 years, 38 years and 21 years. At the same time, the report of a 17-year-old girl in Ujjain has come positive. None of them had traveled abroad in recent times. There are 20 most positives in Abindore. It is followed by 8 in Jabalpur, 4 in Ujjain, 3 in Bhopal, 2-2 in Shivpuri-Gwalior. So far 2 people have died in the state.

Rajasthan; Total infected – 56: The state got 2 cases of infection on Sunday. A 53-year-old woman was found positive in Bhilwara and a 21-year-old youth in Jhunjhunu. The young man returned from the Philippines on 18 March. On 26 March, he saw symptoms of the disease. Bhilwara in the state has the highest number of 21 coronae infected.

Uttar Pradesh; Total infected- 69: 4 new cases were reported here on Sunday in Gautam Buddha Nagar. It has the highest number of 69 patients in the district. Anurag Bhargava, chief medical officer of the district, has said that an FIR has been lodged against the managing director of a company there. He is accused of hiding travel history. 13 employees of his company have been found infected.

The UP government drove vehicles to evacuate the workers from Delhi-NCR, but there are no arrangements to stop the mob. A family set out from Ghaziabad on foot for their village.

Maharashtra; Total infected – 193: Mumbai has the highest number of 71 cases here. This is followed by 29 in Pune, 25 in Sangli and 10 in Nagpur. The cities of Pimpri-Chinchwad

Body commissioner Shravan Hardikar says that in Pune, two consecutive reports of 5 more patients have come negative. He was discharged from the hospital on Sunday. 30 new cases were reported in Maharashtra on Saturday.

Bihar; Total infected- 11: Two new cases of corona infection were reported in the state on Saturday. Out of 11 infected, 10 are under treatment while the 38-year-old patient died in Patna on March 21. There are 6 infected patients, who have no travel history, ie, these people have not traveled anywhere in the country or outside the country.

Gujarat; Total infected – 58: 3 infected were found in Ahmedabad on Sunday. A 45-year-old man died on Sunday in the city. According to doctors, he was diabetic.

Ahmedabad has the highest number of 20 infected. So far 5 deaths have occurred due to this infection in the state.

Chhattisgarh; Total infected – 7: 1 new case was reported on Saturday. Out of 7 infected, 5 cases were reported between Thursday and Thursday. There are 3 infected here in Raipur and 1-1 in Bilaspur, Durg, and Rajnandgaon. Police have deployed drones to keep a vigil in Raipur during the lockdown. Civil line SP Pankaj Chandra said that they are keeping watch over drones in dense areas and narrow streets. If there is a violation of the rules, then the police immediately send staff.

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Uttarakhand, Total infected- 6: The Collector of Udham Singh Nagar has allowed farmers to harvest crops with harvesters. For this, only 3 people have been allowed to go to the farm. Only after the harvesting is complete, the people engaged in it will return home.

Jammu and Kashmir; Total infected- 38: 5 new cases were reported here on Sunday. Of these, 2-2 were found in Srinagar-Budgam and 1 in Baramulla. Srinagar has the highest number of 15 infected in the state.

Delhi; Total infected – 49: 9 cases of infection were reported here on Saturday. Earlier, 6 people have

been cured here and one death has occurred. At the same time, the migration of laborers from the city did not stop after the lockdown. They are also facing many difficulties.

Workers continue to flee from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh.

Punjab; Total infected- 39: 1 new case was reported here on Saturday. State Health Minister Balveer Singh has written a letter to the Union Health Minister. In this, he has told us that the number of NRIs in the state is very high. This month, 90 thousand overseas Indians have come to Punjab. In such a situation, the number of corona infections is expected to increase rapidly. To fight this, the state will need an additional fund of 150 crores.

Andra Pradesh; Total infected – 19: Guntur, Krishna, and Visakhapatnam are the most affected in the state. There are 4-4 patients here. Meanwhile, the state government has decided to run the mobile Raitu market here. In this, farmers will be able to sell their vegetables directly. Its purpose is to reduce the crowd from the market. In this market, vegetables will be bought and sold on the lorry.

Tamil Nadu; Total Infected- 42: 4 new positives were found here on Saturday. A 42-year-old person was found infected in Kumbakonam, who returned from the West Indies. At the same time, a 49-year-old man was found infected in Katpadi. He returned from Britain. Both have been admitted to Vellore. Meanwhile, three patients admitted to the isolation ward in Chennai died on Saturday. 

However, it is not yet clear whether they were corona positive. His test report is awaited. One of the dead was 66 years old. He had a serious kidney problem. The second deceased, aged 24, had pneumonia. The third deceased is a two-year-old child, who was suffering from osteoarthritis (bone disease).

On-demand of the Indian Air Force Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and some agencies engaged in the supply of air health-related goods.

Mann ki Baat: Modi apologizes to the public.Janta curfew

Has been engaged in the supply of goods related to health facilities. C-17, C-130 Super Hercules, AN-32 and Dornier aircraft are being used for this.

The Air Force is ensuring the supply of health-related goods with the help of aircraft.

284 Indian nationals brought from Iran, Jodhpur:

Two special aircraft carrying 284 Indian nationals stranded in Corona-affected Iran reached Jodhpur on Sunday morning. Army doctors checked them at the airport. All of them have been sent to the wellness center created by the army in the military area. Four days ago 277 Indian nationals from Iran were also brought to Jodhpur. In this way, the number of Indian citizens in the army’s wellness center in the city has increased to 561. Earlier, 484 Indian nationals are being kept in Jaisalmer.

LPG shortage, the cylinder will continue to be available: IOC

The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) assures that there is no shortage of LPG and domestic cylinders during the lockdown. Its supply will continue as before.

Jindal South West Group will donate 100 crores and Uday Kotak 50 crores

to tackle the coronavirus disaster. On Sunday, Jindal South West (JSW) group Rs 100 crore, Kotak Mahindra Bank MD Uday Kotak privately Rs 50 crore and Airport Authority of India 20 crore

Decided to donate money. Apart from this, all employees and officers of CBI have announced a one-day salary, while the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced a donation of 21 lakh rupees. For this, Group A employees of the department will donate two days’ salary and Group B and C employees one day salary. At the same time, on behalf of the National Conference, party president Farooq Abdullah has donated Rs 50 lakhs to 3 hospitals in Srinagar.

Mann ki Baat Modi Whoever has spoken about their mind, they go ahead and see how much people follow it and how much they oppose it. It is a very big punishment and people are not able to enjoy it even though they do not believe it and they feel very bad that downloading the lock in their house is something that the people of Modi Ji have understood and Follow this and people will be down in their own homes, this will prove to be better for the future of our India.

May Allah help everyone and get everyone free from this disease. My blessing is that you should support Modi Ji among all people and this Modi Ji has to support himself, do your best and build your family. Don’t get out of the house. Stay in your house as much as possible, take care of yourself and your loved ones. This business was run again.

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