Lockdown: Make phone calls Vegetables and fruits will be found at home

Lockdown: Make phone calls Vegetables and fruits will be found at home

Lockdown: Make phone calls Vegetables and fruits will be found at home. the organization gave versatile numbers The organization discharged portable numbers


Region Magistrate Prabhu N Singh on Monday held a gathering with the civil organization and different authorities of the organization and masterminded doorstep conveyance. City Commissioner Arun Prakash has given guidelines right now.

You should simply call the portable number, foods grown from the ground will arrive at your home. All the councilors have distinguished foods grown from the ground sellers in their wards who will do doorstep conveyance. Three versatile numbers have been given for requesting vegetables and natural products sitting at home. These numbers are 9058512391, 9068311511 and 9997995812.

Merchants who need to sell products of the soil online can get data on 7500600033 on the portable of Mandi Secretary. Contact the Additional Chief Commissioner of Municipal Corporation on versatile number 7300740601 to get the option to organize foods grown from the ground.

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This is an apportion framework

Then again, regarding the proportion framework in lockdown, the business heads met with DM and SP City and took numerous choices. As indicated by the media responsible for Jai Purasnani, it was concluded that the appearance of products from Galla Mandi to Motiganj would be from 5 to 9 am. An opportunity to open shops in Motiganj will be from 8 to 12 pm. One day retail and one-day wholesalers will open.

Get token

The tokens will be given by Ramanlal Goel, executive of the Motiganj Food Business Committee, for the development of beat or tankers. The leafy foods market will be open from five to nine toward the beginning of the day. Staple merchants keep their GSTN authentication with them so they can demonstrate it to the police when required. TN Aggarwal (Chairman Agra Business Board), Atul Bansal (Chairman Youth Business Division), Ramanlal Goyal, Vishnu Aggarwal (General Moti Ganj Food Committee) were accessible on the social occasion.

Lockdown: Make phone calls Vegetables and fruits will be found at home
Lockdown: Make phone calls Vegetables and fruits will be found at home

The government is trying to help in a complete way, the people are trying to remove all the problems of the people in the midst of curfew, now the thing to see is who could get help and whose not because the poor people are also those who Do not even have mobiles and are mobile

So they do not have the balance and do not have much money to sit at home and do not be able to sleep vegetable fruit. Those who are rich will be able to take advantage of this facility and those who are poor do not know what to eat with their children. Will it happen or not because most people in India earn and eat that daily

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There are some people, whose clothes burn in the evening when their family man takes home after earning something, only then he buys, then cooks after that, tell me where such a person will call and where to convince the administration. should do

We should distribute some freebies to people who do not have money and this is my own suggestion by helping those people. Similarly, I have seen many people coming out on social media who are distributing sanitizers to people. It is a very good thing, but with this, if some people get some food and drink, it will be very good even among the poor in their neighborhood.

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