The Secret of GOOGLE TRANSLATE: google translate app.GOOGLE

The Secret of GOOGLE TRANSLATE: google translate app.GOOGLE

The Secret of GOOGLE TRANSLATE: google translate app.GOOGLE or any kind of question, you have perfect post, How to use offline, All products here.

The Secret of GOOGLE TRANSLATE: google translate app.GOOGLE

Hello, how are you guys, I hope you all will be good, the topic we are going to talk about is also an interesting topic.

Because it is also connected to Google, for a few days I am talking more about Google itself because I think that Google is a company that is the biggest search engine at this time and the most popular, so today we Google is going to talk about a product

Whose name are google translate many people may or may not know about it and people who blogging

Or writing, they will definitely know about it, people who do not know about Google Translate, after reading this post today, they will know that the Translator is indeed the end.

Don’t waste too much time, Shailesh starts the post and knows what google translate is and how it works.

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And how many languages ​​are used in it and who is the owner of it, when did it develop and when did it come to the stage, how many people use it in 1 day, we will know everything in this post.

 This pitcher is a translator software and service that translates text or webpage of one language into another language. It is developed and operated by a company called Google. For this Google uses its own translator software which is a statistical machine translation. As of January 2016, Translate supports 90 languages ​​at various levels and provides translations to 200 million people daily.

Supported languages

In Google Translate the following languages ​​can be translated from















The Secret of GOOGLE TRANSLATE: google translate app.GOOGLE
The Secret of GOOGLE TRANSLATE: google translate app.GOOGLE


चीनी भाषा





डच भाषा













Haitian Creole









इण्डोनेशियाई भाषा

आयरी भाषा



जावाई भाषा (Javanese)




कोरियाई भाषा



लाओ भाषा

The Secret of GOOGLE TRANSLATE: google translate app.GOOGLE
The Secret of GOOGLE TRANSLATE: google translate app.GOOGLE

लैटिन भाषा






मलय भाषा










पोलिश भाषा

पुर्तगाली भाष


The Secret of GOOGLE TRANSLATE: google translate app.GOOGLE
The Secret of GOOGLE TRANSLATE: google translate app.GOOGLE




Scots Gaelic
















The Secret of GOOGLE TRANSLATE: google translate app.GOOGLE
The Secret of GOOGLE TRANSLATE: google translate app.GOOGLE

थाई भाषा




उज़बेक भाषा

वियतनामी भाषा







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Currently, it has the facility of translation from Hindi to other languages and from other languages to Hindi as well. It can be translated by pasting material written in Devanagari in its text-boxes; Or, by typing directly into the Phoneticism, it automatically changes to Devanagari which can be translated by pressing the ‘Translate’ (Translate) button. Google has provided Translate as a blog widget for multilingual translation to a blog for free.

Android translate application

Google has also launched Android Translate application, which is used to convert any language into another language by using in any phone, it is a very good option if we do not know the other language then that thing It has to be presented in profit and it has to be changed in the language of our choice so that we can understand the language of any language person in front of me, my favorite application .

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Edit text

Google had earlier said in July 2013 that Google’s upcoming translation application will be able to translate soon. Apart from this, it will also provide accurate translation than ever before. At present, such translation facilities are available in very few applications. It also has the facility to convert Hindi text into sound (speech).

google translate 

What is Google Translate? 

Google Translate application is a free application for Android and iOS cell phones and tablets. 

The application’s 500 million clients can translate between up to 103 languages in various manners. 

You can type words and sentences, express them to the gadget by tapping the receiver or even utilize your finger to handwrite. The last might be convenient in case you’re endeavoring to reproduce something like Chinese characters that don’t show up on your console. 

To do an essential translation utilizing this application on your PC, follow these means: 

Open a Web program and go to You needn’t bother with a Google record to get to it since it’s allowed to all. 

On the left, pick the language you’re deciphering from. It shows you fasten for three well-known languages, or you can pick a language starting from the drop menu. 

In the text box on the left, type in the word or phrase you need to translate. 

On the right, pick the language you need the word or phrase translated into. 

Snap Translate

The translation shows up in the text box on the right (see Figure 1). The symbols at the base of the text box empower you to do a couple of things with the word or phrase: 

Snap the Star symbol to add the word or phrase to your own Phrasebook. You must be signed in to your Google represent this. 

Snap the Select All symbol to reorder the word or phrase into another report. 

Snap the Speaker symbol to tune in to the way to express the word or phrase in that language. 

To see different translations of a similar word or phrase, you should simply pick an alternate language on the right. 

Google Translate is certainly not a substitute for learning familiarity with a language. On the off chance that you despite everything need to figure out how to communicate in Spanish, French, or Chinese, you despite everything need to take language classes, concentrate hard, and practice. Yet, it very well may be a valuable instrument on the off chance that you rapidly need to translate a word or phrase, particularly when you’re in a hurry.

How does Google Translate utilize my telephone’s camera? 

This application Word Lens highlight, which works in 30 languages, permits you to translate text continuously just by pointing your telephone’s camera at it. We attempted it with French to English utilizing an admonition sign. 

In the event that you tap the camera symbol, another interface will open. Presently you can concentrate on a café menu or a street sign and see that text in English. 

In the event that you need to spare that translation, you can tap the star symbol to store it in your Saved envelope. 

Would it be able to be utilized for discussions? 

It’s an adage, however having Google Translate resembles strolling around with your very own interpreter, a go-between to crush through the language boundary. The discourse to-text highlight got to through the amplifier (picture 1), can assist you with advising a local speaker what you mean. 

Pass the telephone to them and they’ll have the option to talk in their local tongue and it’ll be translated back to English.

How would I be able to utilize the translated text? 

When you’ve composed, wrote or spoken your ideal translation, it’ll be offered to you in composed structure, featured in a blue box. However, there are a few different things you can do with it: 

Sound: Tap the sound symbol to hear the translation in the pickled tongue. This is convenient to assist you with elocution or to play for a local speaker. 

Top pick: Your translation history will show up on the home screen, however you can tap the star to put any translations on the top choices tab for simple access. 

Offer: Take the translation and open the outcome in another application, for example, informing or email. 

google translate Spain

Grow: Tap here to make the composed translation full screen, ideal for showing to a nearby helping you with bearings. 

Duplicate: This takes the translation and permits you to glue it into another application. 

Extend: This makes the translation full screen. 

Would I be able to utilize Translate disconnected? 

You can likewise download 52-word references (counting Welsh) for text translations without a web association, which implies you don’t need to utilize information abroad. 

To include languages: head to Settings – Offline Translations and afterward tap ‘+’ to peruse the rundown of accessible languages. 

google translate app

This will take up a little stockpiling on your telephone (just around 25-30MB), however, you will at that point have the option to translate text without an information association. 

Tip: To improve discourse acknowledgment, enter Settings – Speech Input – English Input and ensure English (UK) is chosen. 


Would I be able to utilize Google Translate in different applications? 

Above, we’ve referenced approaches to impart translations to different applications by reordering translations. However, for Android clients, Translate is currently accessible on Google Chrome. Users should simply feature the text and the choice to translate will show up.

Google translate also works offline

The specialty of translate is that it works even when there is no internet on your mobile and gives you the exact exact result and what you are in requires internet but even translate does not have internet It helps us a lot.

It is a great and there are also translator apps, but compared to all of them, it is at number one. I have seen and using it, I have shared some screenshots above, with the help of which I have tried to explain how translate transforms one language into many languages ​​and helps us that the languages ​​of the world for understanding

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