The A – Z Of Google May 2020 Core Update: Do you want to know

The A - Z Of Google May 2020 Core Update: Do you want to know

On May 4, Google launched a major update to its algorithm. They call it a “core” update because it is a major change in Google’s algorithm, this update from Google means that it affects a lot of sites.

To give you a thought of how huge the update is, simply take a gander at the picture above.  This is from the SEMrush Sensor, which monitors the speed of results on Google.

The A - Z Of Google May 2020 Core Update: Do you want to know
The A – Z Of Google May 2020 Core Update: Do you want to know

The chart tracks Google on a daily basis and when it shows green or blue for the day, it means that there is not much movement going on. But when things turn red, it means there is instability in the ranking.

Presently the genuine inquiry is what befallen your traffic? 

If you haven’t already, you should go and check your rankings to see if they went up or down. If you are not tracking your ranking, you can set up a project on Ubersuggest for free and track up to 25 keywords.

You should also login to your Google Analytics account and see what is happening to your traffic.

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Hopefully, your traffic has increased. If it is not, do not panic. I have some information that will help you.

Let’s first go to the industries that have been most affected …

So were the industries affected?

The A - Z Of Google May 2020 Core Update: Do you want to know
The A – Z Of Google May 2020 Core Update: Do you want to know

There are industries here that were affected.

As you can see, travel, real estate, health, pets and animals, and people and society saw the biggest fluctuations with rankings.

Other industries were also affected by… those at the bottom of the list were the least affected, such as “news”.

There was also a shakeup in local SEO results, but it started before the core update.

The A - Z Of Google May 2020 Core Update: Do you want to know
The A – Z Of Google May 2020 Core Update: Do you want to know

One major misconception I hear from people who are new to SEO is that if you have a high domain authority or domain score (if you are not sure what yours is, go here and put it in your URL), you will get more Traffic will be found and will not be affected by the update. He is a liar.

To give you an idea, here are some famous sites that reduce their ranking according to our index on Ubersuggest:

  • More importantly, we noticed some trends on the sites that were affected.

Update your content often

I distribute 20  articles per month on this blog.  Like a clockwork every Tuesday, I publish a new post.

But do you know how often I update my old stuff?

Guess what?

In fact, I don’t refresh my own substance, however, I have 3 individuals who work for me and everything they do is experience old blog entries and update them.

In any given month, my team updates at least 90 articles. And when I say update, I’m not just talking about adjusting a sentence or adding an image. I’m talking about adding new paragraphs, removing irrelevant information, and sometimes rewriting entire articles.

They do whatever they can to keep articles up to date and valuable to readers. Just as Wikipedia is constantly updating its content.

Here’s an interesting statement for you: We definitely know that the 641 sites we’re tracking are updating old content on a daily basis.

Can you guess how many of those people saw a search traffic dip of 10% or more?

Only 38! This is 5.92%, which is extremely low.

However, it is crazy that 187 sites have seen a 10% or more increase in their search traffic.

The A - Z Of Google May 2020 Core Update: Do you want to know
The A – Z Of Google May 2020 Core Update: Do you want to know

One thing to note is that when we are calculating organic search traffic estimates, we look at the average monthly volume of a keyword as well as click-through rates based on rankings. So the holiday of May 1, which is Labor Day for most countries of the world, has not diminished the results.

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Now, to clarify, I am not talking about creating new content on a daily or weekly basis. These sites are doing it on… they are constantly updating their old content.

Again, there is no “ruby” about how to update your old content as it varies per article, but the key is to do whatever it takes to keep it relevant to your readers and ensure that It is better than the competition.

If you still want some guidance on how to update old content, here I will tell my team:

  1. If the content is not relevant to a reader, delete the page and redirect to the 301 most relevant URL on the site or update it to make it relevant.
  2. Are there ways to make content more functional and useful? For example, would add infographics, step-by-step instructions, or videos to the article make it more useful? If yes, add them.
  3. Verify whether there are any dead connections and fix them. Dead links create a poor user experience.
  4. If the article is a translated article (I have a large global audience), then make sure the images and videos make sense for someone reading content in that language.
  5. Look at the 5 keywords for which each article ranks and then google those terms. Do the pages that rank in the top 10 do really well what we don’t?
  6. Can you simplify the article? Remove the fluff and avoid using complex words that very few people can understand.
  7. Does the article talk about a particular year or time allotment? If possible, make the article evergreen by avoiding the use of dates or specific deadlines.
  8. If there is a specific problem people are facing in the article, make sure you check Quora before updating the article. Look for popular answers on Quora as it will give you a sense of what people are ideally looking for.
  9. Is this article a duplicate? Not from a word perspective, but are you covering the exact same concept as another article on your site. If so, consider merging them and 301 redirects one URL to another.

Fix your thin content

Here is another interesting story for you. On average, Ubersuggest crawls 71 websites every minute. And when I mean crawl, users are inserting URLs to check for SEO errors.

One error our system sees is thin content (low-word count pages).

Overall, 46% of the sites we break down have at any rate one page that is dainty in content. Can you guess how many of those sites were affected by the latest algorithm update?

We do not have enough data on all the URLs because most of those sites get very little to no search traffic because they are either new sites or do not do much SEO.

But when we look at the last 400 sites in our system, it was flagged off with thin content warnings for pages other than their contact page, page, or home page, and at least a month from Google When 1,000 visitors arrived, they saw a huge change in ranking.

127 of the sites saw at least a 10% decrease in search traffic while 41 saw at least a 10% increase in search traffic.

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Sites with thinner content were seen to be 3 times more likely to be negatively affected than near-positive. Of course, most sites with thin material showed no change, but still, a decrease of 31.75% was observed.

If you are not aware that you have thin content, go here and enter in your URL.

You will see a report that looks like this:

You will not be able to fix them all, such as some pages such as your contact page or category page, which may not require thousands of words.

And in other cases, you may be able to get a website visitor to point in a few hundred words or even through images. An example would be if you have an article about tying a tie, you cannot have too many words because it is easy for people to do this through a series of videos or pictures.

But for pages that should be in more depth, you should fix them. Here are three main questions to consider when fixing thin content pages:

Do you really need to add more words – if you can get the message across a few hundred words or through images or videos, then this may be enough. Do not add words when not needed. Think about user experience instead. People have to answer their questions in a few seconds instead of waiting for minutes.

How does your page compare to the competition – see similar pages ranking on the page. Do they have more content or less than you? This will give you an idea if you need to expand your page, if you have a few thousand words, everyone who ranks on page 1 has at least

Does it even make sense to keep the page – if it doesn’t give any value to a reader and you can’t improve it by updating it, you might consider removing it and 301 any other similar pages of yours You can redirect the URL to the site?

Fix your SEO errors

Another interesting discovery that we noticed while digging through our Ubersuggest data was that sites with more SEO errors were greatly affected.

Now, this does not mean that if you have a ton of SEO errors, you cannot rank or you are going to be affected by an algorithm update.

More often it was a type of error that hurt sites more than others was sited with duplicate title tags and meta descriptions.

One thing to note was that many sites have duplicate meta tags, but when a large portion of your pages has duplicate meta tags, it usually causes problems.

So we dug up sites that had duplicate meta tags and title tags of 20% or more pages.

Most of these sites did not normally receive a lot of traffic, but for 363 we can generate at least 1,000 visits a month from Google, with 151 showing at least a 10% decrease in traffic.

89 of them showed a 10% or more increase in traffic, but still, 41.59% of the sites saw a steep drop in duplicate meta tags. If you have a duplicate meta tag, you should fix it

Advantage, your site is not perfect and in some cases, you will find that you have duplicates that do not need to be fixed, such as category page with page.

But in most cases, you should avoid having duplicate meta descriptions and title tags.

The conclusion

Even if you do everything I discussed, there is no guarantee that you will be affected by an algorithm update. Each one is different, and Google aims to create the best experience for searchers.

If you look at the above issues, you will see that fixing them should create a better user experience and should always be your goal.

This is not about winning at Google. SEO is a better experience than your competition. If your main focus is in the long run, you will find that you will do better than your competition when it comes to algorithm updates.

Google update causes outrage in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic

The time of the May 20 core update has been criticized by some webmasters and SEOs. Sustaining online businesses in the midst of an epidemic is already a substantial challenge with severe restrictions continuing around the world. Current restrictions have led to a wide decline in traffic and a decline in online sales for many businesses, with an overall sense of uncertainty about the future. The criticism was shared via Twitter and in the Webmaster World Forum:

Second Core Update in 2020 

The A - Z Of Google May 2020 Core Update: Do you want to know
The A – Z Of Google May 2020 Core Update: Do you want to know

This is Google’s second affirmed update of 2020 up until now, with the first propelling back in January. 

Senses that a lifetime prior thinking about how the world has changed among at that point and now. 

So, this viably responds to any inquiries regarding whether Google will stop center updates in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The appropriate response is: no. 

In spite of the fact that referenced not really a terrible thing, and all through this post I will clarify why. 

The Purpose of Core Updates 

Expansive center updates are intended to create generally perceptible impacts across indexed lists in all nations in all dialects. 

Locales will definitely see drops or gains in search rankings when a center update turns out. 

Changes in search rankings are commonly an impression of substance pertinence. 

This means if the content has picked up significantly since the last update it will be moved higher up in rankings. The inverse is likewise obvious. 

At that point talked about a recently distributed substance that said exist at the hour of the last update. That all must be rethought against the already existing substance. 

To lay it out plainly, rankings can move around a lot. 

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With this being the primary update since the pandemic, the May 2020 Core Update can possibly be particularly unpredictable. 

First Core Update Since COVID-19 

The last center update was propelled in the second seven day stretch of January 2020. 

At that point, coronavirus and COVID-19 were scarcely on anybody’s radar. Presently that respected be further from reality. 

The world immediately changed when coronavirus has announced a pandemic, which accompanied huge moves in clients’ inquiry conduct. 

Prior today Google said there have never been such huge numbers of looks for a solitary theme as there have been for COVID-19. 

COVID-19 has changed what individuals need from Google’s query items. 

Regardless of whether it’s looking for data about the infection itself, or spots offering remote administrations, or where to purchase genuinely necessary items on the web. 

There are numerous things picking up significance that infers as pertinent to searchers previously. 

Then again, the classes that were once exceptionally significant are being scanned for so a lot. 

For instance – look through identified with the movement, the travel industry, live amusement, and in-person occasions are on the whole down. Just to give some examples. 

With the May 2020 Core Update, Google is confronted with one of a kind test of finding how the world is looking. 

After some time, we will check whether individuals are thinking that it’s simpler to get to the data they need through Google Search.

What about LinkedIn?

The A - Z Of Google May 2020 Core Update: Do you want to know
The A – Z Of Google May 2020 Core Update: Do you want to know

Yes, LinkedIn disappeared from the SERPs for a while and saw some major dips, but it had nothing to do with the core update. One mistake that many people made was, perhaps, not just on this site. 🙂

Worried about sliding your ranking?

You can set a custom trigger in your location tracking campaign that will automatically email you when your ranking slips a certain distance (indicated by you). You can read more about that feature here.

now what?

If you’re wondering how to navigate through this storm, Google’s guidelines regarding updates are similar (we recommend you read them).

In short, Google’s mantra has always been that you can’t do much about algorithm updates and ranking changes other than improving the quality of your content. “They are designed to ensure that overall, we are delivering on our mission to present relevant and authoritative content to searchers,” Google said of the core update.

Therefore, now is the time to evaluate whether your content is authoritative, useful to users, formatted to help search engines and users, and to ensure that SEO mistakes are fixed and avoided. Check out our site audit tool to see if you can see any potential issues.

Then spend some time creating content that is better than the industry-standard and provide the search engines and your target audience with all the information – facts, tips, and data – they need to answer a question.

Last thing. I urge you, wait until the full update is over before making any major decisions about changing your website – unless you are doing something that violates Google Guidelines and you need to fix it is required. Keep an eye on the announcement upon rollout.

Tell us your experiences, how was your traffic during the update? Did it go up or down, or simply remain level?

If you like this post, The A – Z Of Google May 2020 Core Update: Do you want to know Do comment and share your opinion and share the article with your friends.



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