DK Domains: what is the DK domain. Denmark

DK Domains: what is the DK domain. Denmark

DK Domains: what is the DK domain. Denmark DK is the hostmaster sponsor and our backend provider for the country-code top-level domain name (ccTLD)

DK country code +45 Denmark Country Code 45 Country Code DK 

Country code according to ISO-3166 Alpha-2

Today we are with you. DK is going to talk about Domina before today if you have heard. It will not be new to you about DK Domin, yes if you have not heard it will be new to you like me when I have one. After purchasing DK Domino, I had so much trouble in verifying it and how many calls I had to make Go Daddy. Please help yourself. My motive in India is to buy DK Domine and share a great experience with you. Dk domine does not use him it is a country-wise

About .dk domains

DK is the hostmaster sponsor and our backend provider for the country-code top-level domain name (ccTLD) representing Hexonet aka 1 Api GmbH Denmark.

DK Domains: what is the DK domain. Denmark
DK Domains: what is the DK domain. Denmark

Who can register .dk domains?

Anyone can register a .dk domain. If the registrant or admin contact is an organization/company based in Europe, they must submit VAT-ID. If the registrant or admin contact is a natural person, wherever they reside or is an organization/company outside of Europe, they are not required to submit VAT-ID.

The process of activating yours.DK domain is easy. The listed registrar should receive an email from [email protected] immediately after purchasing their domain. There is an attachment to this email that has your user ID and password in your registry account, as well as steps to activate your domain. If you are unable to locate this email, please contact [email protected] for your login information. Please follow the steps and activate your domain as soon as possible. Failure to do so within 4 days of purchasing the domain will result in your domain name being removed without a refund.

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Note: You should not update the Billing contact information as this will transfer the domain name to the registry and you will not be able to manage it through your GoDaddy account. 1API GmbH (aka Hexonet) is the partner we use to offer.DK domains. If you have moved the domain by mistake, please reach out to our award-winning GoDaddy Guides for help

Registration restriction——-Should use 1 – 63 characters

Can be used——-Letter: A-Z

Number: 0-9—–Hyphens (except for the first or last characters of the domain name)

Can’t use——-Special characters (eg, and #)

Nameservers can only be used if they are registered on HostmasterDK and the domain is correctly activated by the domain owner.

To update your nameservers, you must contact the .dk registry and provide them with the URL, your phone number and email address. You will then receive an email from the registry prompting you to visit the site to accept your nameserver change. You can also request through the registry.

1 renewal ban

Renewal is permitted anytime 61 days before expiry and 3 days before expiry. Upgrades for .dk domains can take up to 72 hours before they are returned to the account after expiration.

There is no manual renewal or automatic renewal grace period.

2 transfer details

Transfer-removal for .dk domains is initiated by the registrar. An authorization code is not required. You may need to follow further instructions by transferring my domain from GoDaddy.

Update 3 contacts

You can update technical and billing contact information for .dk domain names only through GoDaddy. However, you can update the registrar and administrative contacts through the registry itself.

more info

Want to register a.DK domain? Search your domain today.

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History of .dk domains

The nation code top-level space .dk was made on July 14, 1987, at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI-NIC), the ARPA Network Information Center. The Danish UNIX User Group (DKUUG) at Datalogisk Institut, Københavns Universitet (DIKU) picked up the board of the .dk space on DKnet, data for the UUU arrange utilized at the time in Denmark and the UUI organize utilized somewhere else. Name. The name DKNet has been being used since at any rate 1985. 

DK Domains: what is the DK domain. Denmark
DK Domains: what is the DK domain. Denmark

In mid-1988 DKNet was related to the developing DUNET, an administration supported research organize set up in late 1987, presently known as ForskinningNet, worked and kept up by UNI-C. 

In November 1987, DKUUG went into a name understanding (“navyfeftalan”) with three other system organizers working in Denmark, a national trial X.400 NET (EAN from the University of British Columbia), EARN and DECnet. Area. They consented to share it, avoiding clients which arrange they were associated with and quit utilizing use-areas, for example, .uucp or second-level spaces, for example,, permitting one Created the training, which has ever been actualized, and. Likewise executed in different nations. 

In mid-1992 DENET (“A Brief Description for the Danish Educational Network”) through UNET-C served the entirety of Denmark’s colleges, and DIKU not, at this point required DKNET. Consequently, DKUUG, alongside DKnet, moved to Symbian Science Park, where they obtained their own global lines and started renting these to organizations and offering modem associations with private buyers. The developing business drove the association’s own economy quickly, compelling the making of a different organization. In 1993, an accepted ISP and DKNet Apps of Denmark were built up as a restricted obligation organization (APS). 

In 1996, with the foundation of the Danish Research Network, the name “DNet” was utilized for the business part of the system and was changed to a shortened form for “Gdaस्कsk Erharvs Net”, for example, Danish Business Network.

Race for the .dk (area )Domin

On January 15, 1997, at 15.00, FIL relaxed the limitations for enrolling a .dk area name. Where one had recently required a legitimate motivation to enroll one, all limitations were presently evacuated, making an exceptional sudden spike in demand for .dk area names. Before the finish of 1996, there were just 6.500 enlisted .dk spaces, by February 1, 1997, this had dramatically increased, and toward the finish of 1997, there were 41.000 enrolled .dk areas. This thus made a progression of legitimate activities, which would last well into the 2000s, not just against FIL’s own individuals, who were blamed for utilizing inside information to enroll huge measure of “good” space names rapidly, yet in addition against people who were blamed for digital crouching. 

DK Domains: what is the DK domain. Denmark
DK Domains: what is the DK domain. Denmark

In December 1997 Tele Danmark declared that from the earliest starting point of 1998 they would begin gathering a yearly expense (of 340 DKK barring VAT) for each enrolled area name by means of DK Hostmaster. This created a ruckus in FIL’s individuals, as they had not been educated. While there had been discussions about a charge to DK Hostmaster to cover its costs, no survey of DK Hostmaster’s genuine spending plan was accessible since it was monetarily everything except a piece of Tele Danmark. This was along these lines seen by FIL as maltreatment of intensity and benefit making through the as far as anyone knows non-benefit DK Hostmaster association. It was later uncovered that it was the governing body of FIL (later terminated) that had conceded Tele Danmark the option to set the value that they needed, without asking its individuals. 

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As a result of this, Tele Danmark declared in March 1998 that the business parts in DKnet A/S would be moved to Tele Denmark Internet and DKnet A/S, with its solitary outstanding resource, DK Hostmaster, would be renamed to “DK Hostmaster A/S”, and set available to be purchased. Tele Danmark supported a bigger gathering or gathering containing something beyond telecom and web organizations (like FIL) to frame and get it, in light of the fact that the Internet currently had a lot more extensive intrigue. This caused one more mix in FIL who completely dismissed that Tele Denmark reserved the privilege to sell something it didn’t possess.

DIFO dominates 

In October 1998 FIL sent a letter to Tele Danmark finishing the agreement and understanding that had been marked back in June 1996 (restored in 1997). The letter additionally expressed that FIL needed to assume control over the running of DK Hostmaster themselves. Tele Danmark denied that FIL could do this. In November 1998 FIL, on the greeting of the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation, assembled a conference between all on-screen characters on the Danish web, organizations just as clients, under the standard “ID MoU” (“Internet Danmark Memorandum of Understanding”) so as to set up a drawn-out concurrence on the organization of the .dk space. The aftereffect of “ID MoU” was that various foundations and associations built up a self-possessing organization named Dansk INTERNET Forum (DIFO) on July 1, 1999, which with the assistance of outer venture purchased “DK Hostmaster A/S” in December 1999.


After the DNS root zone was marked in mid-July 2010, the. DK-zone was authoritatively marked utilizing NSEC3 on July 23, 2010, and the root zone was refreshed on July 26, 2010, to incorporate the comparing DS-record. Since August 1, 2010, clients’ DS-records have been remembered for the DK-zone.

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