Coronavirus India lives: update today in English. live status

Coronavirus India lives: update today in English. live status

Coronavirus India lives: update today in English. live status Everyone is upset with the increasing number of coronavirus in India, 17 new cases have been


The global epidemic continues to create havoc in the country coronavirus Is increasing. Meanwhile, the good news is that 100 people have been cured of this disease so far. One person each died in West Bengal, Gujarat, and Maharashtra on Monday.

The death toll from Coronavirus India in the country has risen to 29. According to the data released by the Ministry of Health, the total number of patients in the country has gone up to 1071. In this, 99 patients have become healthy or have been discharged from hospital and one has gone out. While 942 people are still under treatment. 

Health Ministry issued advisories for the elderly

The Ministry of Health has issued advisories for prevention in view of the highest risk of coronavirus infection to the elderly. According to the information given by the ministry on Monday, counseling has been issued for the elderly in view of the high number of elderly people in cases of death due to Coronavirus India infection so far. It explains what the elderly should and should not do to avoid infection with this virus.

These advisories issued: –

Aged people have been advised to exercise regularly at home, adopting all possible measures to prevent infection.

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To reduce the risk of infection even at home, they have been asked to wash hands and face with soap at regular intervals.

Strictly following the advice not to leave the house, the elders have been told not to meet the people coming from outside.

If it is mandatory to meet visitors then it will be safe to meet by making a distance of at least one meter.

In the consultation, in addition to taking fresh nutritious food made in the home to the elderly, it is also said to eat hot food, drink water frequently and drink fresh fruit juice regularly.

It also includes counseling for older people to take pre-existing medications regularly and postpone surgery such as cataracts, knee implants.

The elderly need to immediately take advantage of the nearest medical service in case of fever, cold, or difficulty in breathing.

Advising the elderly not to cover the face directly with hands when coughing or sneezing has also been told not to go to people suffering from colds, coughs or fever.

One patient died in Pune, number of dead in Maharashtra 9

Coronavirus India killed a 52-year-old man in Pune, Maharashtra on Monday. With this, the death toll in Maharashtra has increased to nine. This information was given by the health officer.

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ICMR will no longer release data on infected patients

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) will no longer release updates related to Coronavirus India -infected cases. It has been decided that only the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will release the data twice a day. The ministry has asked ICMR to share the data with them and they will make it public on their website.

LIVE in Corona Country / 1200 cases so far: 34 new patients; 12 in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh 8 and found 6 infected in the state

decreased the number of Snkramiton came most 151 cases on Friday, Saturday 143 and Sunday at 116 patients

are walking home Lockdown people, these food and water Hearing in the Supreme Court on the plea of ​​providing today, the

government is also supplying masks and ventilators from abroad, Modi insisted on promoting telemedicine.

Today 51 new cases of Coronavirus India have been reported. In Tamil Nadu 17, 12 in Maharashtra, 8 in Madhya Pradesh, 6 in Gujarat, 3 in Jammu and Kashmir, 2 in Andhra Pradesh, 1-1 have been found in Rajasthan, Punjab and Andaman and Nicobar. Now the total number of infected has reached 1200. 32 people have died.

These figures are according to the website. The number of infected in the government figures is 1071 at present. Of these, 99 have been cured. There has been some decrease in the number of new patients in the last two days. 116 new cases were reported on Monday. Earlier on Saturday, 143 and the highest 151 were positive on Friday.

 Has written a letter to the chief secretaries of the state, saying that newspaper supply should not be affected during the lockdown. The government has included it in the category of essential commodities under print media. In this letter, it has also been said to allow the transportation of all types of goods without distinguishing the essential and the non-essential.

14 states of the country,

Madhya Pradesh; Total infected- 47: 8 new cases have been reported here on Monday. 7 have been found infected in Indore and 1 in Ujjain. With this, the number of infected in Indore has increased to 27. A case has been filed against two people for violating Quarantine rules in India. They went missing from MRTB Hospital in Indore on March 28. They were brought back to the hospital on Sunday. Besides Indore, 8 are infected in Jabalpur, 5 in Ujjain, 3 in Bhopal, 2-2 in Shivpuri-Gwalior. So far 2 people have died in the state.

Uttar Pradesh; Total infected- 82: 17 new patients were found in the state on Sunday. Of these, 8 in Meerut, 5 in Noida, 2 in Ghaziabad and 1 in Agra-Bareilly have reported positive. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has transferred 611 crore rupees in the account of 27 lakh 50 thousand laborers of the state under MNREGA.

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Treatment of coronavirus disease of the Quran Sharief.Surah

Meanwhile, the district administration for the doctors of Lucknow’s Karam Manohar Lohia Institute and SGPGI has temporarily acquired Hotel Hyatt, Hotel Fairdeal, Hotel Piccadilly and Hotel Lemon Tree. The medical and paramedical staff of both medical institutions, who are appointed in the Kovid-19 ward, will be arranged for their stay. Under the rules, a doctor working in a ward has to stay quarantined for 14 days.

People in Uttar Pradesh are violating the lockdown. There was a huge crowd in the vegetable market of Mathura on Sunday.

Rajasthan; Total infected – 60: In Jodhpur, the infection of Kaikamala has come to light. A 41-year-old man from Ladakh was brought here from Iran on 25 March. Her report is positive. He has been admitted to MDH Hospital. 

Reports of 3 people came positive in Ajmer on Sunday night. Bhilwara in the state has the highest number of 21 coronae infected. After this, there are 21 patients in Jaipur.

On the lines of Delhi, an isolation ward has also been built in the train compartment in Ajmer.

Maharashtra; Total infected- 215: 12 new cases were reported on Monday. Out of these, 5 patients were found in Pune, 3 in Mumbai, 2 in Nagpur and 1-1 in Kolhapur-Nashik. 7 cases were reported in the state on Sunday. So far, 34 patients have been cured in the state and a maximum of 8 people have died. Wherever the state is getting infected. That house or building is being sealed for 14 days. Those living there can call the administration for any necessary goods. Their relatives can help from outside.

Haji Ali Dargah of Mumbai. It is often crowded, but there is silence because of the lockdown.

Punjab; Total infected- 39: On Monday, a 21-year-old youth was found infected in Ramnagar Sainiyan village of Patiala district here. He recently returned from Nepal. The local administration has sealed the entire village as a precautionary measure. Her family members have been instructed to stay at home. The entire village is being sanitized. There was no new case in the state on Sunday.

Kerala; Total Infect- 202: Liquor sales are closed due to lockdown in the state. Cases of khudkushi are coming from many places. Chief Minister P. Vijayan has directed the Excise Department to make it available to the drinkers on the advice of the doctor.

The government says that online sales of Kishrab are also being considered because its sudden sale can lead to many social problems. The state reported 20 new cases of corona infection on Sunday. Of these, 18 traveled abroad, while 2 people came in contact with the infected.

Jammu and Kashmir; Total infected- 41: 3 new cases have been reported in the Jammu division on Monday. These include 1 Udhampur and 2 cases from Jammu. One of the 2 infected in Jammu is a GMC hospital doctor. Earlier on Sunday morning, a 62-year-old infected person died in a hospital in Kashmir. The deceased was a resident of Tangmarg in Baramulla district of North Kashmir. Srinagar has the highest number of 15 infected in the state.

Marcos commandos at the Wullar Lake in Bandipora in Jammu and Kashmir made fishermen aware of coronavirus.

Tamil Nadu; Total infected- 67: The highest number of 17 cases were reported here on Monday. Chennai has the highest number of 18 infected in the state. Meanwhile, a private company in Tiruchirappalli has donated humanoid robots to the government hospital. These will be used to distribute medicines to the Coronavirus India infected admitted to the Isolation Ward. The company has just designed four such robots. However, these robots will be used only after government approval.

West Bengal; Total Infected-21: 54-year-old woman infected with a corona in West Bengal died at 2 pm on Sunday. It is the second death in the state from a corona infection. The woman was a resident of Kalimpong in Darjeeling district. She recently returned from Chennai undergoing treatment for her daughter. He was then found to be corona positive. He was admitted to the isolation ward of North Bengal Medical College. Earlier on Sunday, 59-year-old man Keeportli came positive in Hooghly. He is admitted in ICU.

Telangana; Total infected- 70: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has claimed that the state will be free from coronavirus infection in the next 9 days. He said on Sunday that 11 of the 70 infected had tested negative. He was discharged from the hospital on Monday. 58 patients are undergoing treatment. 25 thousand 937 people who have returned from abroad are under surveillance. Quarantine of 

The time will be completed on 7 April. If no new case comes next, the state will be declared corona free by 7 April.

Bihar; Total infected- 15: No new cases have been reported here on Monday. The number of corona epidemics in Bihar is increasing continuously. So far, 2376 people are under surveillance, the maximum being 648 Siwan. Apart from this, a list of 3500 people who came to Bihar from abroad after March 15 has been prepared. On the other hand, the Nitish government has stopped the workers returning from Delhi-Uttar Pradesh at the border itself. Arrangements have been made for them to stay in relief camps here.

People returned from Delhi-Uttar Pradesh have been stopped at the border of Bihar.

Gujarat; Total infected- 69: 6 new cases were reported on Monday. Of these, 5 are from Bhavnagar and one from Ahmedabad. One of the patients in Bhavnagar is a 36-year-old woman. She recently returned from the US. The other four patients are men who have been infected by a local contact. On Sunday, 3 infected were found in Ahmedabad and a 45-year-old man was killed. According to doctors, he was diabetic. Ahmedabad has the highest number of 21 infected. 6 deaths have occurred due to infection in the state so far.

Chhattisgarh; Total infected- 8: Coronavirus India examination of 50 people was done in the state in the last 24 hours, but the good news is that all the reports have come negative. On the other hand, more than 54 lakh electricity consumers of the state will have to pay the bill of April-May this year only from the old tariff. The State Electricity Regulatory Commission is not issuing its new tariff order until 31 March due to coronavirus.

Delhi; Total infected – 49: 85 Coronavirus India suspects were admitted to the Lak Nayak Hospital here on Sunday night. Now there are 106 such patients in this hospital who are suspected of having corona infection. The officials have given this information to the news agency. No new cases came to light on Sunday.

On Sunday, a girl in Delhi, waiting for a bus, holding a food bag in her hand.

In the Supreme Court hearing today in the case of daily laborers,

amidst the lockdown, thousands of daily laborers are going from places like Mumbai, Jaipur, Surat to their respective states. The Supreme Court will hear the petition related to them today. The petition has sought to make arrangements for food, water, and lodging for the workers and their families who have left for their village on foot. Delhi’s advocate Alakh Alok Srivastava has filed this petition

Ground report from London / British not surviving at home; Lockdown can increase up to 12 weeks, Rs 93 thousand if needless. Fines:

90% of flights to and from the

The UK is canceled due to coronavirus infection. All UK schools are closed from 20 March, a 3-week lockdown from 23 March to

London. Kovid-19 has brought the world to its knees. Britain is also among them. As of 28 March, there were a total of 759 deaths in the UK, compared to 578 the day before. That is 181 deaths in one day. The country has a three-week lockdown since March 23. It is being said that this will be extended to 12 weeks because people are going out and not following social distancing properly.

Apart from Prince Charles, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock have both been found to be coronavirus positive. Apart from health care, social care, pharmacy, police and fire brigade, all public and private buildings and offices have been closed. Restrictions related to social distancing can last up to 12 weeks.

All non-urgent visits to OPD of all hospitals have been stopped. 90% of flights to and from the UK are canceled. All UK schools have been closed since 20 March. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is under severe stress for conducting tests, preparing hospitals and preventing the spread of the virus to the community. OPDs of all hospitals are almost closed. Patients have been asked to consult telephone or video conferencing. All less urgent operations have also been canceled.

Urging people to ‘buy sensible’,

beds have been arranged in every hospital with a Kovid-area and isolation action plan. All necessary equipment is being used to convert ICU into the Intensive Trauma Unit. However, many hospitals are still unable to provide adequate personal safety equipment to health workers. Due to this, there is an increasing concern.

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Police are on the streets to handle law and order. A penalty of up to 1000 pounds (93 thousand) is being imposed on needless exit. Supermarkets have seen early panic shopping. However, farmers and suppliers have promised not to allow food and groceries. People are being urged for ‘sensible shopping’.

The government will also give 80% salary to private employees

Millions of people have given their approval within 24 hours of the government’s appeal to deliver services to the UK’s National Health Service. Finance Minister (Chancellor) Rishi Sunak has offered huge financial help by offering up to 80% of his salary to people in both private and self-employment sectors. Meanwhile, concern remains as to how the epidemic will unfold in the coming months. Experts say that unless the virus is eradicated from all over the world, there will be a danger.

Battle of Corona continued in Kargil / Entry Ban without washing hands in the village, situated at a height of 8700 feet, water tank

fitted for people outside the village, the initiative of the people of Lattu village of Kargil, wrote – Wash hands first, then in the village Enter

, according to villagers, the person of the village is not even allowed to enter the village without washing his hands

Kargil: Lattu, the village of Kargil, which is situated at an altitude of 8700 feet above sea level. Previously cold conditions and now the fear of disease is haunting people. Amidst these conditions, awareness about Corona is being seen in this village. The villagers have started a cleanliness drive and installed a water tank outside the village. It is written on – ‘Wash hands first, then enter the village.’ According to the villagers, no person is allowed to enter the village without washing their hands. Whether it is from the village or outside.

Other villages are also learning

There are more than 145 people suspected of corona infection in Kargil in Quarantine. Two patients have been reported to be positive. In view of this, the villagers of Lattu have formed a committee. Who has got a water tank outside the village? Soap and sanitizer are also kept there. This campaign has been discussed by Kargil Deputy Commissioner Bashir ul Haq Chaudhary on Twitter. The advantage is that people around are also adopting this method.

breather between issues / without China’s help is able to produce drugs for three to four months in India, not likely to increase the price of drugs such

starts are essential raw materials now sea and air two ways to make drug

companies currently have at least 3-4 months of raw material to make medicine

India is able to produce drugs for three to four months without China’s help in the midst of the Corona crisis. Therefore, there is no possibility of an increase in the prices of medicines. There are two main reasons for this. Now the consignment of pharmaceutical raw materials from China has started coming from both sea and air routes. Ashok Kumar Madan, executive director of the Indian Drug Manufacturers Association (IDMA), told Bhaskar that the raw material for making the drug was coming from China. Goods arriving by sea arrive in 18 days. When the ship arrives at the port it is quarantined.

There is no possibility of an increase in prices of medicines

Apart from this, luggage has also started coming from airplanes. Airplanes bring higher value items. Companies currently have at least three to four months of raw material to manufacture medicine. It has both Active Pharmaceuticals ingredients (APIs) and formulations.

 At the same time, Sudarshan Jain, General Secretary of the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) said – ‘There is no possibility of increasing prices of medicines in the country due to Corona. The government itself controls it. Whatever the price of the raw material for making the medicine, it is allowed to increase the price by a minimum percentage in a year. According to IDMA, people started buying and possessing the hydroxy-chloroquine drug. 

This led to a lack of medicine. But, now companies are making it. The raw material of medicines has become expensive. Like our antibiotic. 90% of them come from China. This is followed by the number of paracetamol.

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